Politz - Präzise Technik für variable Hallennutzung
made in Germany seit 1991

Product overview

Dividing curtains for sports halls

Dividing curtains divide large halls into individual areas that can be used for different purposes. Our dividing curtains guarantee a high level of sound insulation, screening and safety. Because no two halls are the same our dividing curtains are tailored to meet local conditions. The design principle on which Politz separation curtains are based and project-related planning and production enable customised and functional solutions to be devised, each of which provides the features required by the customer.

Hall dividers for sports halls

Hall dividers are lightweight structures with minimum roof load, providing an ideal combination of screening and protection netting. Spectators and participants have an unobstructed view of the entire sports hall. There is optimal air circulation between all the sections of the hall together with perfect lighting conditions.

Protection netting for sports halls

Protection netting protects spectators' galleries and the individual sections of the hall as well as its windows. Politz protection netting divides halls transparently. The netting is available in a wide range of models and its design is determined by its intended use.

Industrial curtains

There are no limits to the possible applications of Politz industrial curtains. Thanks to the high standards to which sport halls are constructed both the material from which the curtains are made and the technology underlying their design are suitable for partitioning industrial buildings, production halls and multi-purpose halls. Whether installed at Siemens, Hörmann, Mercedes-Benz or the Berlin Municipal Cleaning Service (Berliner Stah4reinigung), Politz industrial curtains bears witness to the skills, expertise and capabilities of our employees.

Telescopic spectator stands and spectator stands for major events

Our telescopic stands increase the range of uses to which sport halls and multi-purpose halls can be put, thereby increasing their profitability. A Politz telescopic spectator stand is easy to operate, inexpensive to maintain and quickly provides high quality seating for spectators.

Graphic curtains

Benefit from all the advantages our expertise and technology have to offer you - with a Politz graphic curtain there are no limits to your creativity. We supply unique graphic curtains throughout the whole of Europe.


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